Lawnswood Columbarium

Lawnswood Cemetery

Lawnswood has one of the city’s main cemeteries and crematoria. Lawnswood Cemetery was opened in 1875, its grounds and most of its buildings designed by architect George Corson, who was himself buried here in 1910. The crematorium, first in Leeds, was opened in 1905.  The cemetery contains the war graves of 138 Commonwealth service personnel of the First World War and 67 of the Second World War, besides a screen wall memorial listing 105 service personnel buried in the closed Leeds General Cemetery whose graves could no longer be maintained. The crematorium has a memorial erected within the columbarium central hall by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) to 94 service personnel cremated here during the Second World War.  Three soldier recipients of the Victoria Cross were also cremated here:

Also buried here is Second Lieutenant Anthony Moorhouse (1935–1956), whose kidnap and murder following the ceasefire in Suez formed the diplomatic row known as the Moorhouse Affair.